Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Harley has played too much

Nearly a month from the last post... We were away to the States for two weeks after the Crufts. We drove over 2000 miles and visited LA, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon. It was great and we really enjoyed it, particular the helicopter ride of Grand Canyon, it's breathtaking:)

As usual we had our friends stopped here to look after the dogs. However, I noticed a lump on Harley's shoulder when we came back. The friends didn't see it so it must happened shortly before our arrival. I booked Harley in two hours after we arrived home and drove him to see the Vet. The lump was of a duck egg size. The vet checked&got some of fluid&examined, then told me that he must bumped on something but nothing to worry. I was so relieved and all the sudden could fall in sleep in the clinic because of the jet lag:)

Now after almost a week the lump is getting much smaller, I can see the possibility to take him to the show on Sunday. Fingers crossed...