Sunday, 8 April 2012

English Springer Spaniel Club Ch Show 2012

Went to ESS Club Champion show in Leicester today. Harley was placed 4th in the junior class. After passing his puppy age, competitions are getting tougher and tougher. I also have found it is not easy to manage his curly coat although I use a dry coat on him after the bath as well as overnight sleep. The above photo was taken today after the show. You can see his coat around the waist not flat so I need to find a way to improve this.

Several people at the show today told me that Harley has come mature nicely. I am very pleased with him in the ring crafts and no need to worry about him running off from me anymore:) He knows what he should do now:) As my first show dog, Harley means lot to me. Without him I would not have involved in this show business. Compare to the other exhibitors, most of them have been in this for over 20 even 30 years, how can I be so lucky to beat them? Therefore I have decided not to enter any shows which require a long distance drive(more than 60-70miles:) so we can easily get to the venue and just to enjoy ourselves no matter what kind of price we can get.

Today's show is only 35 miles away and the roads were so quiet. People there were friendly, chatting with some who know much about this breed and explaining to me how to judge them were even bonus to me.