Friday, 9 March 2012

Crufts 2012

This was taken before the new SDHC memory card gave up working. Steve managed to take about 8 photos but none of them is clear. Bless him, he didn't have decent sleep last night because Harley kept barking, and ended up sleeping in our bedroom rather than staying downstairs in his cage. Harley was whining softly which I could hear but Steve couldn't. So, Steve was dropping off to sleep but then I kept waking him by telling Harley to stop whining.  So, Harley was keeping me awake, I was keeping Steve awake, so I got sent to the spare bedroom so Steve could sleep.

Right, back to Crufts today. It was a long day, very tiring, but very enjoyable as well. Lots of things were going on. I spent most of time around the ESS breed ring side, wormer and frontline topped up enough for a year. Harley did not get any price, but we were still very pleased just to be part of the show. If he can be qualified this year, I would love to enter next Crufts with him again with a trusted memory card and lots of good photos:)