Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Puppies Arrived Today

It  has been a horrible 36 hours, Maisy started her first stage of labour then which lasted 24 hours. We had already contacted the Vet after about 12 hours. Neither Jenny or I slept much last night.

We rang the vet again at 5am, followed their advice and by 6 she started the second stage of labour but there was no sign of her waters breaking and her contractions were irregular  and weak. So, we took her to the vet. He gave her an injection to help the process and by 10am we had a lovely little boy.

He has the shape of a flying dragon over his shoulders neck and back........ so his name will be Imperial Dragon.  We left Maisy there to make sure all was well and the collected her and Dragon, about 11.30

Maisy was extremely tired and nothing much was happening, but some time later she started showing signs of wanting to give birth again but there were no contractions, and suddenly there was a black discharge which could have meant there was placental separation, so I rushed her back to the vet. Jenny was out but when she got back realised what had happened and where i was, so followed on after.

By this time I had taken the decision to have a  C section performed as she still had a t least one puppy inside her.  Well, two hours later we had  Maisy back with a big girl, who was apparently found travelling the wrong way along the uterus. If she were male I would call her Wrong Way John!!!

The good news is they are both big healthy puppies which accounts for Maisy's size when pregnant, but this is the last litter she will have as we did not want to put her through it again, and we had her spayed.

Ah, I know her name now Wong Wei , she is as pretty as Wei Wei Wong from Pans People!! So given her sense of direction its very fitting.

Overall, though tired, we are pleased we made the decisions to take her to the vet, it definitely saved Wong's life, and they are both really good looking big puppies, with very healthy appetites, and neither of them had difficulty in getting on the nipple. Maisy as before is a very good mum, but now she can just spend out her life being a pet!!