Monday, 7 May 2012

Life without internet

We haven't had the telephone line and internet in the house from Wednesday last week...Life has gone back to the old days: more chatting, playing in the family, and you believe or not more time too... BT people are expected in three days to check the wires...

Today I discovered paying a £2 per day on my iphone enables me to use internet on my laptop because I desperately need to send some files out by emails...So before the BT man coming we have excuse now to be back to modern life.

Actually another important thing I need to do is to update post here about Maisy. We are still waiting for puppies arrival. The expecting date is in fact today, but she hasn't shown any signs yet: no panting, no nesting, no gone off food....Fingers crossed, but please don't deliver overnight:)

The phone was taken yesterday afternoon when we took the boys for a walk. Now what a miserable day again:(