Sunday, 20 May 2012

Coventry&District Kennel Association Open Show 2012

The show was held at Stoneleigh Park where I take Harley for the ringcraft training every Wednesday.
It's literally only 10 minutes drive away but we made it late and missed our breed class:( Typical!
I knew that there were two other breeds in the same ring first, and took a guess but clearly made
wrong guess.

Fortunately we entered two other classes too so it's not totally waste of time. In fact it turned up to be a
very nice day. I got 3rd in the adult handling class which I had never done before and got a diploma.
Harley surprised me today, he went to the open stake class for AV Gundog Postgraduates- a big entry
class- he won!! He got the first against other breeds in Gundog. I was over the moon!

That was us in adult handling class.

We clearly enjoyed the show today. OMG, no giggling:)