Saturday, 3 December 2011

Coventry Gundog Open Show

Today we took three of them to Coventry Gundog Show. Harley enterred the junior class, Mack was in Graduate and Maisy was in Open class before the judge Brenda Hutchison.

Harley was place the first at his class. What a supprise as it was a quite strong class. I was pleased that Mack obtained his second place at his class. Mack had some problem with his tail today, a little bit upset this morning, but he did really well in the ring.

I was supprised that Maisy only got a third at her class. I thought that she behaved herself and stood beautifully when the judge went over her, not bothered at all. She walked nicely in the ring as well. Well, never mind. As they say: whatever happens, you always take the best dog(s) home.

Although it was a local show with no long journey, we both felt tired after the show. Perhaps I should still mainly show Harley to reduce the amount of work for preparation&showing.