Saturday, 15 January 2011


Mutley will be moving to a new home in a weeks time as she now has loving new owners so our postings will become less frequent. She will come back to us for a week in March when her owners go on holiday so its great that we will see her again soon. Actually Maisy is playing with both Mutley and Harley right now, so she will be glad to have her back for a week as well, she really has been a great mum to the pups.

We have no intention of having another litter from Maisy for at least another 12 months to give Maisy a good rest,and if we do that will be her last litter, but we will update this blog with photos of Harley, and the other pups if they come back to us when their owners go on holiday. As Jenny has fallen in love with Harley he will be staying with us and she will show him.

So, thanks to all the lovely people who have bought pups from us, just let us know if you want to leave your dogs with us when you go on holiday, provided  we  are not away ourselves we will help. Sorry, to those people  who were considering one of these pups, you have lost your chance. And thanks to those who have visited the blog just to watch the pups progress, we will continue to update it.