Friday, 31 December 2010

Mutley is the bravest pup.

We have only let the puppies out into the snow a couple of times for a few minutes and while they loved it we carried them out from our conservatory as the step is quite high. As some of them were going to new homes today I decided to l them have a run on the grass for the first time.

They were all stood by the open door looking into the garden trying to get the courage to go down the step. Yep....... Mutley was the first almost no hesitation, followed quickly by Zebra who is usually the first, then Harlequin............... the two boys were wimps really hesitating about going down the step. Then Harley Fat boy did it............ only Brownboy left to go!!

I really had to resist the temptation to pick him up and yes eventually he did it. They absolutely loved it out there and when it was time to go back in who was first up the step.......... Mutley. She really has some life in her.

Its actually a bit unfair that she has not gone to a new home yet because she was she was actually the first pup to be picked by someone who unfortunately had to back out, but it doesn't matter as we are happy to keep her.

Then of course I was in trouble again for letting them get a bit muddy, but of course I pleaded guilty took my punishment of being tongue lashed .............. and did it again!!