Thursday, 16 December 2010

Why Brown Boy is called Happy Tail

Brown Boy is officially the friendliest little puppy I have ever seen and so laid back too. We moved the pups into a larger room yesterday to give them more room to run around. The reaction of the different pups was interesting

Zebra toook to the new room straight away and just started exploring. She has always been quick off the mark and very confident.

Harlequin and Mutley had a very similar reaction and very quickly started to explore.

Pussycat found a corner and observed what was going on and was far more carefull.

Brownboy just went to sleep......... like I said laid back.

Tonight I have given each of them a cuddle on my lap. While they have all been cuddled this is the first time I have sat them on my knee for more than a few minutes.

Pussycat was the first, he was very calm and just laid on my knees for several minutes enjoying being stroked. Slowley he started to sniff about but was very calm throughout.

Zebra was he usual self calm and confident, as were the other girls Harlequin and Mutly.

Brownboy on the other hand was by far the happiest. His tail was spinning like a propellor just like his dad's does. Thats why Jenny named him happy tail, he is always happy and obviously loves human contact.

Don't get me wrong they all love human contact, you just have to go into their room and you are surrounded in seconds by wagging tails........ but you think Brownboy is going to take off with his pusher prop of a tail.

Another interesting thing is that whenever people first see the pups everyone thinks Mutley is the most pretty........... she is a cute little girl and very lively. with lots of confidence.

Its easy to fall in love with all of them, we will be sad to see them go when they move to new homes.