Monday, 29 November 2010

Tails and dew Claws

A lot of people have asked us about whether we will have our puppies tails docked and dew claws removed. Our position on this is simple.

Firstly the Kennel Club no longer allow docking for show dogs, working dogs can legally be docked but not show dogs.

Maisy our bitch was docked before we got her, Mack stillhas his tail and dew claws. Now, both of our dogs go into the woods at least three times a day and Mack's tail and dew claws have never been a problem. He is a very active, athletic dog and loves out running local labradors as they go through the woods. The only problem is brushing the bracken out of his fur and tail.

Mack though is an absolute pleasure to watch with his tail wagging all the time. It is brown along its length with a white tip which looks like flag waving about, added to that the brown fur on his legs looks like a pair of baggy trousers and he just makes me laugh, he always brings a smile to my face because he is always happy.

All of the pups have a simlar brown tail with white tip.......... so would I remove them

........ not on your life, nor would we sell to someone who would dock them.

So there it is, our pups have thier tails and long may they keep wagging them.

To be fair there are dew claws and dew claws............ Macks are really small and tight to his leg so are unlikely to get caught in anything and the pups seem at this early stage to be safe to leave on. If however they were loose I would consider having these removed for safety, but not just as a matter or course. I saw someone elses pup theother day and his dew claws were like flaps of skin hanging away from his leg and if he had been my dog I would have had them removed to prevent injury.

I hope this information helps.