Monday, 15 November 2010

Pussycat is top dog.

We have given our puppies nicknames and sent off their registration formas to the Kennel Club.
The biggest pup delivered was one of the bitches, but we have been closely monitoring their weight gain every day, now she is second heaviest, Pussycat is top dog!!

Actually they are all doing well putting on 60 grams a day on average, Pussycat managed almost 90 yesterday, what a fat boy he is!!!

I think they have all reached the stage when they are safe from being crushed by mum in their box and Maisy is being a really good mum. She has always been big for a Springer bitch, now she is having 4 meals a day and produces enough milk to supply Cadbury for a year!! I hope you like your chocolate with dog milk.

Jenny is doing a good job supervising Maisy's efforts, and trimmed the pups claws yesterday to prevent Maisy being scratched too much. The puppies are now so big we can't fit them all in the egg basket we used the first day so they have got a small bed they can share to keep warm when wes seperate them from Maisy.